How do I maintain my shoes?

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Are you curious how you can protect your Dutch’D shoes? See below the 4 tips that we have prepared for you!

Dutch'D made the choice to offer Collonil's products. We stand behind the Collonil because they have proven for years that they have the best shoe care products. In addition, all products are developed in-house at Collonil in Germany. They have a large test facility where they test all there product themselves. In this way they are always ahead of the other shoe care brands. 

Collonil logo
Once you have bought new shoes, you want to keep them fresh as long as possible. You wear the shoes with pride and you want to keep this possible for as longer time. We give you 4 hints how to keep your shoes in mint condition! 

Hint 1: Prevention is better than cure

As soon as you have purchased the Dutch’D shoes, we recommend spraying them directly with protecting spray. Why do I need to spray the shoes? We recommend this because this way the shoes are more resistant to moisture and dirt. A spray creates a protective layer over the shoe, so you don't give moisture and dirt a chance. Do you wear the shoes every day? Then it is advisable to spray them weekly. We recommend the product Collonil Carbon Lab protecting Spray.
Collonil Carbon Lab protecting Spray

In addition to this product, you can also look at a sole protector. With names with a light sole color, this is recommended. The midsole sealer product is the best at this! The product provides a dirt-repellent protective layer around the sole. Due to the protection, the sole remains cleaner and will discolour less quickly due to, for example, UV radiation from the sun.

Collonil Midsole Sealer €8.00
Collonil Midsole Sealer

Hint 2: Clean your shoes regularly

One of the better hints is that you should clean the shoes regularly. One shoe needs more maintenance than another shoe. This has to do with the materials that are used. In addition, the color of the shoe is also very determining. A light shoe will become visibly dirty more quickly compared to a dark shoe. The Collonil Carbon Lab Cleaning Foam product helps you to deeply clean your shoe in an instant. Always use a soft cloth for this, preferably a microfibre cloth. Make sure you always remove the loose sand from the shoe first! If you don't, the coarser sand can damage the leather during cleaning. The sand can be removed with a soft brush.
Collonil Carbon Lab Cleaning Foam

In addition to the Cleaning foam, we also offer another product from the Collonil line. The carbon Lab midsole cleaner should not be missing. With this product you will get your soles clean again in no time.

Collonil midsole cleaner €8.00
Collonil midsole cleaner

In addition to the individual variants, we also sell the Collonil Carbon Lab Cleaning Kit. This set contains everything you need to get your Dutch'd shoes clean again.

Collonil Carbon Lab Cleaning Kit €25.00
Collonil Carbon Lab Cleaning Kit

Hint 3: Put your shoes away in a shoe tree

If you put the shoes away in a shoe tree, the shape will be better preserved. In addition, sufficient tension on the leather ensures that the wrinkles disappear again during tensioning. The better spanners are the cedar wood. In addition to stretching the shoe, a cedar tensioner also absorbs moisture. This not only keeps your shoe in better shape, but because the moisture is absorbed by the cedar wood, your shoes keep smelling fresher.

Shoe tree

Hint 4: Color your shoes on time

Because a shoe experiences a lot during the wearing hours, the color can deteriorate and fade over time, and scratches after damage cannot be prevented over time. You can use remedies for this to nourish your leather, it is also advisable to add them to the colors once in a while. Always make sure that you color the entire shoe so that you do not see a color difference.

If you have white shoes, we recommend using the collonil carbon lab - sneaker white. You can make the shoe beautiful white again in an instant. (Don't forget to wash the laces!) With the sneaker white you can also make the soles white again.

Collonil carbon lab - sneaker white €6.99
collonil carbon lab – sneaker white

If you have any questions besides these hints, you can always send us an email!


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