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One of the most commonly used materials that you see in shoes is leather. The material is generally very durable and follows the shape off the foot quite naturally. Leather shoes are very comfortable and because leather can take a beating, leather is very durable. The disadvantage of a leather shoe is usually that it has to be broken in. You wonder, of course, what is the difference between all those types of leather that you will find at Dutch’D! Read on below!

Nappa leather
A frequently used type of leather that you will see in many branches. This is not for nothing! Nappa is very sturdy and durable, it is also easy to keep clean. This is because Nappa leather is dyed through. With some types you can still see the natural grain of the skin, but there are also sanded nappa leather types that are completely smooth. You have the harder (full) nappa types and the so-called soft Nappa leather. The harder Nappa leather has the advantage that it can really take a beating. You often see this is used in furniture and bags. The disadvantage is that a shoe creaks faster or is less comfortable. Soft nappa has the advantage that it quickly follows the shape of the feet, which is of course very pleasant. In addition, the leather does not crack with walking. The disadvantage is that a sharp object can damage the leather more quickly. Of course, a good protection product can offer extra protection to prevent this.

Full grain nappa leather

Most leathers are smooth and water resistant. This is because the outside of the leather is used for this (as is the case with the nappa leather). With Suede this is exactly the other way around. The leather feels very soft and usually has a matte look. Suede has a hairy structure that has been brushed with attention in a tannery. Good quality suede has a nice relief and is supple. Suede looks premium, but the disadvantage is that it gets dirty faster. This is due to the coarse structure in addition, moisture can quickly penetrate untreated. Therefore, always make sure that you treat it with the right products.

suede leather

You see this type of leather more and more and this is for good reason. Nubuck looks very exclusive and let's say this is what everyone wants, right? The advantage compared to Suede is that Nubuck is flatter and easier to wipe clean. However, Nubuck also has the property that moisture can absorb quickly. Untreated, a Nubuck leather can quickly lose its beautiful appearance. Make sure that you always treat a Nubuck shoe properly or do not wear it in rainy weather. With water-repellent protection spray, the shoe can of course withstand rain.

Nubuck leather



Most find it very annoying that a leather shoe gets the well-known running wrinkles after a while. This can make a shoe old quickly while the shoe may not be that old at all. To prevent this, you could put the shoe in a shoe tensioner once in a while.

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