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Are you curious about the vision of Dutch'D, read the story below

Dutch'd has come a long way to get to where we are today. The company was started by Roel Linders with a vision to make shoes of the highest quality. However, quality is not the only thing that is important to the Dutch'D brand. After all, there are plenty of quality shoes.

So what else is important to the brand? The right combination of unique design and quality! We believe that quality and design go very well together and that you can therefore produce shoes at a unique level. Each model is a unique product that has been well thought out.

To make this vision a reality, Dutch'D produces the shoes in Portugal. Portugal is one of the most famous European countries where shoe production takes place on a large scale, and this is not without reason! There are many shoe factories in the country with the right knowledge. This knowledge is passed on time and time again to family generations, which means that the craftsmanship remains intact. Because of this Portugal has been at the top of shoe production for generations.

In addition to using several local factories, Dutch'D also has its own people in the area. In this way we can ensure that we can guarantee quality from the first minute.


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Luxurious quality materials are a plus, so we often use Nubuck, nappa leather, and luxury suede. We also use soles that do not wear out quickly! In addition to these materials, we also look at 100% vegan alternative and other unique materials that can enhance our footprint.

Are you curious how you can keep your shoes in the best condition? Then read the shoe maintenance blog.

How do I maintain my shoes?


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